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Squaring the Circle
Reimagining habits and habitats to unlock ways in which students
learn, work, play, create and connect more richly
It's been called the 'Other Climate Crisis' by Sir Ken Robinson.
The failure of schools to provide the right 'climate' - the habits and or learning
environment – for children to discover their highest potential.
About us

Ethos is a creative studio and consultancy firm that aims to transform the whole ecology of the learning landscape - by reimagining the context in which it takes place.

We believe that design of schools can profoundly impact learning by unlocking creative thought - a crucial asset in a world where the only constant is change.

Collaborative engagements lie at the heart of the way we approach situations, propose solutions, test alternatives and finally specify solutions.

Our process is human-centred, connection seeking, experiential, and iterative. We design learning environments and use design thinking to strategize cultural, pedagogical and organizational change with clients - to help facilitate authentic and holistic conversations on change.

Learning by Design
What Shapes Our Ethos
What shapes our Ethos
Thought Leaders
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Avik Sarkar

Avik Sarkar A graduate of the National Institute of Design, Avik founded an Industrial Design consulting firm and subsequently established a furniture manufacturing business. In both instances, the focus was on evolving solutions which while addressing real issues of people was also concerned with the impact they'd have on the environment.

Over the years, an interest in education and furniture led to the creation of Ethos in 1997. From designing furniture for schools to designing for children to finally trying to discover how design can impact learning has been in itself a rich learning experience. Ultimately, a modern society will grow and prosper on the shoulders of an educated population. We're trying to see how we can contribute to making the learning experience in schools efficient, effective and enjoyable so that these wonder years are truly rewarding to the individual and the society of which she forms a part.

Sumita Sarkar

Sumita Sarkar Sumita works in the areas of education, design and research. Her passion is to empower and help children and adults to achieve their potential through engaged learning and teaching, to live lives they choose and enjoy. This specially includes students and teach-ers. This passion has sent her working on an eclectic mix of projects, research and learn-ing to earn her wings in education, after design.

She has an MA (Education) from Nottingham Trent University and MA (Research) from The Open University, UK, where she's currently pursuing a PhD. A graduate of the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, she has developed and managed a BA (Hons) programme in Communication Design for ten years at Pearl Academy, New Delhi. She was project manager for the Government of Malaysia Smart Schools project for General Science and was a researcher in the Hole-in-the-Wall project, both at NIIT, India.

Ethos in Action
Inside the Studio
Inside the Studio
Inside the Studio
Inside the Studio
Inside the Studio
Inside the Studio
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Our Initiatives
Design Centre
The Design Centre

A co-working environment made up of a series of spaces both formal and otherwise. For those who wish to work for themselves but not necessarily by themselves.

  • Possibilities for working with one another.
  • Social climate
  • Shared resources for a shared economy
  • Neighbourhood resources Natural surroundings
  • Co host events-seminars, workshops, exhibitions etc.


KOKUM is an interdisciplinary resource programme formed by friends of the Design Valley to create support for an exchange of ideas and design possibilities. The goal is to get involved with ‘wicked problems’ to facilitate the use of design and its process, where it’s never been used before. So as to help evolve a better society, through design.

Find us on www.facebook.com/Kokumgoa

Founded in 2000 with 100+ design awards under our belt, we are one of the top 5 design teams in the country and among the very best in designing technology objects globally. We work with young start-ups to iconic global brands to deliver elegant, intuitive and impactful designs.